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Phil Walker Interview

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Inside Ravenhill Hospital

Phil Walker - A Tribute

Goldfish Bowl Productions is sad to announce the passing of one of our staff, location manager Phil Walker.

Phil had been with the company for 5 years, first as a green-behind-the-ears runner on Series One of 'Stinkfinger', where his duties included handing polystyrene cups of lukewarm tea to actors 10 seconds before a take.

Phil then went on to location manage four seasons of 'Ladyboy Olympics' before landing his most recent post as chief location scout on 'Dale's Overnight Ghost Hunts'.

The job of a location manager is shrouded in mystery. They are paid vast amounts to have portaloos delivered to car parks and stop people parking within 5 miles of their own homes.

But Phil brought a special passion, wit and thriftiness to proceedings that made him popular with producers and public alike. Here, in a short interview taken just days before the accident that killed him, Phil explains why he loves his job as a location manager and some of the highs and lows of the job.

But it's not all doom and gloom... as we present our very own Blair Witch moment: the recovered footage from Phil's last job at Ravenhill Hospital!

Past Productions

My Million Dollar Penis (BBC Three)

We followed sheet metal worker Hal Skinner on his quest to have eight 24 carat diamonds implanted into his foreskin. Against all medical advice Hal travels to Amsterdam to source the diamonds for his “bling dong”.

Winner of a Fiddy for Best Multi-Channel Programme Title 2007.

Million Dollar Penis

The Celebrities That Time Forgot (Channel 5)

Six celebrities. Three caves. One match. We plunge our stars back in time - and ask them to live as cavemen and women in the Blue John Mines in Derbyshire. They must keep a fire going for six months; hunt their own food; create their own language, and sacrifice one of their group to the Mighty God of the Sun. Starring , Ray Reardon MBE, Narinder off Big Brother 2, Ralf Little, Anna Carteret, Julie Peasgood, and Michael Fish. (The episode where Michael snaps and kills a deer with his glasses is the 156th most popular watched clip on YouTube. Find it under “Fish goes Feral”).

The Celebrities That Time Forgot

Stool Pigeon

Light hearted game show hosted by Dr Gillian McKeith. Armed only with a plastic knife and fork our fearless panel have to match the famous face to the floating faeces! “Horribly addictive” Jaci Stephen, Daily Mail

Stool Pigeon

The Chavs And Chav Nots

Hidden camera show. We park a caravan of ASBO-wielding gypsies on the front lawns of unsuspecting Middle Englanders. It’’hate thy neighbour’ as sparks fly and blood pressure reaches boiling point. Dedicated to the memory of John Berry, whose body has never been found.

The Chavs And Chav Nots


Comedy sketch show starring Debbie Hart and the comedy group “Flat Pack”. A host of crazy characters and ‘in yer face’ comedy for the Noughties. Characters include The Randy Rabbi, Doctor Pinchbum, and Flick and Roll. Winner for the South Bank Show Award for Comedy 2010.